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Automatic assembling machine for rectangular pin

Machine features:

1.This machine adopts automatic feeding vibration plate pin product, plug-in artificial feeding way preparation products. The material in place to make sure the machine is not plug leakage detection of optical fiber products. Work with product track adjustment, can achieve a variety of common products。

2.This machine is the two part of the double layout, each part of a needle is inserted and work independently. A part has five workstations, each industry and trade in one row, in a single plug-in up to in five gill, five work station and pin and high efficiency. The plug-in to the artificial feeding storage box, the line feeding, the liberation of labor, cost saving, quality assurance, production stability, uninterrupted production. The servo system of a mobile pin to ensure that each pin can be inserted correctly, ensure the quality of the products。

3.Equipment abnormal alarm information and prompt guidance function, incoming inspection direction and lack of material prompt function, the presupposition production number, counting function, history record alarm function, etc.。

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Automatic assembling machine for rectangular pin

Machine parameters:


capacity: 30-35pcs/min

Power Supply:AC220V 50Hz


weight: 150KG

size: 720*480*700 MM

Automatic assembling machine for rectangular pin
Automatic assembling machine for rectangular pin
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